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Roof Rescue Ltd specialise and can remedy all roof leaks to any roof type in the wider Auckland area.

Roof Rescue’s top 10 most common causes of leaks:

  1. RUST – Normally found under metal or lead flashings, end laps, at fixings and where water has been ponding.
  2. BROKEN TILES – Please note until further notice Roof Rescue will no longer offer repairs to concrete tiles.
  3. DENTED TILES – Please note until further notice Roof Rescue will no longer offer repairs to metal tiles.
  4. LEAVES/ DEBRIS – Spouting’s and internal gutters can collect large quantities of leaves and other debris at certain times of the year, which can block the outlets and cause the water to overflow.
  5. LOOSE FIXINGS – All nail fixed roofs (including metal tiles) are vulnerable to movement and causing the fixings to walk out of their placement, once the seal is broken they can allow water to enter.
  6. POOR INSTALLATION – Some roofers are not correctly qualified or take short cuts when the initial roof installation takes place. Damage, wrong measurements, and poor workmanship can all contribute to roof leaks.
  7. INAPPROPRIATE PRODUCTS – All roofing products are made to suit specific environments, roof pitches and foot traffic areas and some materials are also incompatible with others. Care and attention needs to be taken in choosing the right products for the right jobs.
  8. PONDING – Water that ponds on a roof or spouting collects dirt and debris which causes deteriation and increases the likelihood of leaks.
  9. SILICONE – The application of silicone sealant can block water in an area and the absence of silicone at roof joins and junctions can cause water to enter by way of capillary action.
  10. WEATHER – Mother nature can place a lot of pressure to all aspects of a roof. There are occasions when concrete tiles are blown off, hail blocks internal gutters, and earthquakes move the sub-structure which can all allow water to penetrate the dwelling.