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All Roofing and Spouting Types

Roof Types:

  • Galvanised Iron
  • Longrun Iron (Galvanised, Zincalume, Coloursteel)
  • Besalon
  • Decramastic Tile
  • Metal Tile (Textured, Satin finish)
  • Clay Tile
  • Concrete Tile (All Types)
  • Butyl
  • Shingle (All Types)
  • Flat Iron

All roofing products are unique and installed in a variety of ways so most roofing companies choose only to specialise in only one type of product. Products require specific knowledge to understand how they are designed to be fit for purpose. We at Roof Rescue understand each product, it’s strengths and weaknesses and have the relevant experience to repaireach roofing type.

Spouting Types:

  • Internal Gutters
  • PVC Spouting
  • Metal Spouting
  • Continuous Spouting

Rainwater goods otherwise known as spouting or gutters and down pipes come in a range of material options including PVC Marley, Metal and Copper and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some common problems that arise from poor installation of spouting include: Incorrect placement of spouting brackets causing water to pond, insufficient use of sealant at junctions causing water to drip, too few outlets or too little capacity of spouting for water to flow correctly causing overflows.

For your convenience Roof Rescue supplies and installs most spouting materials to replace small sections to match your existing spouting or to replace full property lots.