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All roofs have a useful lifetime which is the amount of time it lasts before the cost to repair would be better put towards it’s replacement. Whilst Roof Rescue is in the business of roof repairs we will never recommend repairs to a roof that would be better suited for replacement.

Re- Roofing requires specialist advice and should only be undertaken by approved companies.

The approx. cost to re-roof is:

Unit:   $6,000 - $8,000
Small House:   $10,000 - $12,000
Large House:   $14,000 - $18,000
Industrial:   $50,000+

Factors which typically affect the cost of re-roofing include:

  • Size, height from ground
  • Access of roof and property
  • Pitch or gradient of roof
  • Type of roofing product required and
  •  the type of roofing product to be removed.

Seeking three quotations is recommended, some avenues you should consider: Ask your friends and family, the Roofing Association of NZ or Roofing suppliers for their recommendations. Some items that will inflate one companies quote over another would include: Type of Product, Underlay, Fixings to be used, Whether it is pre-painted or unpainted, Whether the price is all inclusive or allows for extras to be added on.

Roof Rescue can provide re-roofing quotations as required.