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Roof inspections should always be carried out by suitably qualified personnel to give the most accurate and reliable information. Inspections are usually made firstly from the inside living space to isolate the problem areas then from the top surface area and the ceiling space if it is accessible.

Roofs are the most important part of any dwelling and appropriate care needs to be taken to not cause any additional damage to the roofing product whilst all relevant issues are examined.

It is important that leaks are found early as they can cause deteriation to timber purlins or battens, trusses, rafters, framing, underlay, insulation, plasterboard and electrical components. The longer a leak takes to be resolved the more damage that can occur to a buildings structure, which may mean further cost and repairs.

Some leak inspection outcomes can be obvious but most tend to require the removal of roofing products in order to confirm 100% what the cause will be.

At this time some leaks and repairs can be resolved if only minor action is required.

Roof Rescue specialise in undertaking thorough roof inspections while also can undertake and guarantee any or all roof repair outcomes.