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Inspection: FREE
Quotation: FREE
Small Repair:
$90 Minimum charge (covers first half hour) Plus Matertials Used.
Typical Cost = $125 Plus GST
Medium Repair: $300 - $800 To Supply and Fit small quanities of Roofing Products
Large Repair: $1,000 - $2,500 To Strip, Supply and Fit sections of Roofing
$8,000 - $15,000 To Strip, Supply and Fit New Roof to Existing Dwelling
(Depending on the size of roof and product used)


Inspection: Usually within 24hrs
Quotation: Usually within 48hrs
Small Repairs: Undertaken at time of inspection (Usually within 24hrs) 
Medium / Large Repairs Usually within 2 weeks upon acceptance of quotation


Step 1. Investigate the cause of leak ingress
Roof Rescue is happy to meet with you or your tenant at a convenient time to investigate where and when roof leaks are evident. The qualified roofer will then spend time uncovering the cause of leak ingress and provide a verbal or written roof report as required.

Step 2. Communicate the roof repair options
Roof Rescue will then offer the relevant solutions available to you with options depending on your budget and individual circumstance.
At this point some roof repairs may be able to be undertaken whilst on site as we do carry a range of roofing supplies with us. If this is not possible or you would prefer a free written quotation one can be promptly compiled.

Step 3 Undertake the roof repair work.
Once a roofing work has been accepted Roof Rescue would then be responsible to carry out the roof repairs in a timely manner to be effective and guaranteed to hold up even in most severe weather conditions.



  1. All work undertaken by Roof Rescue ltd is guaranteed leak free for a period of 12 months
  2. Any New materials used are covered under Roof Rescue’s workmanship warranty for a period of 5 years.
  3. All products used by Roof Rescue Ltd are covered by their own specific guarantees against perforation and colour distortion and can be explained  to you or can also be found by visiting my supplier’s websites (See links)